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Zana Hawleri is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach. His love for entrepreneurship started at an early age. In high school, Zana started buying cars, fixing them, and selling them again. He did this throughout high school and college. After he graduated college, Zana scaled his operation and started a used car dealership. After selling cars for a few years, he grew into becoming a real estate investor.

While honing in on his passion for helping others and making a difference; he founded Hawleri Homes in 2018. Since then, he’s built a 7-figure business by helping homeowners with their distressed real estate situations. “I always put people before profits,” Zana says.

With the amount of success he has had with building businesses, he’s been invited to and spoken on some of the world’s largest real estate and entrepreneur stages. As he shares his story, he hopes to inspire others to become entrepreneurs as well. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, he’s helped many people along the way with getting started in entrepreneurship and building successful businesses. Using his passion for teaching and educating, he wishes to help many more people along the way.

  • Atlanta, GA
  • 678-592-9855

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